Piona Abbey

Piona Abbey

The abbey of Piona, or more precisely the Priory of Piona, a typical building of art in squared stone, also reachable from the lake by boat, is a rare jewel of Lombard Romanesque architecture. 

Located on the Olgiasca peninsula, opposite Gravedona on the extreme point of the Lecco branch, it offers a splendid panoramic view of the western coast of the Lario, as well as the opportunity to savor the tranquility and peace enjoyed by the Cistercian monks who still live there today. 

History of the Abbey 

Already in the seventh century there was the first monastic community, probably of a hermitic setting, of the Abbey of Piona; however, in the eleventh century it was involved in the Cluniac reform, which involved the transfer of some monks from Cluny to abbeys that risked being abandoned. Precisely on this occasion, in 1138, the church was dedicated to the Virgin, while the first mention of the Cluniac monastery dates back to 1169, when it comes to his dedication to San Nicolò. 


In the architecture of the church we find the full expression of the Lombard Romanesque style, where was used Comacina stone , while the cloister dates back to around 1250, in fact in the architecture of the latter we also find Gothic traces. The four sides of the cloister represent the four cardinal points and the four elements of the universe, the source and the tree inside it are to be interpreted as a representation of the earthly paradise. 

Nature and lake 

Inside the Priory of Piona we find the gardens and the olive grove, which express the classic philosophy of life in full harmony with the nature of the monks who follow the rule of St. Benedict. Speaking of nature, it is also worth mentioning the lake, which can be admired from pratically every part of the abbey.

Info: https://www.abbaziadipiona.it/


Abbazia Cistercense di S.Maria di Piona
Via Abbazia di Piona, 55, 23823 Colico (LC)

Tel. 0341-940331

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