Food and wine

Food and wine

Here on Lake Como you can enjoy dishes cooked using typical and 0 km products, prepared according to tradition but also in gourmet and refined forms.

In fact, you have to know that thanks to the particular mild climate that we have throughout the Lake area, it is possible to grow various highly refined fruits such as berries very difficult to find, or olives: right in the area you can find the northern olive groves of all of Italy.

This climate and the variety of flora allow to produce a very good  honey, which take on different characteristics depending on the flowers found in each different season: we have acacia honey, linden honey, wildflower honey, honey of forest and high mountain honey.

There are also numerous local farmers who with their small farms follow the production cycle of cured meats and cheeses from start to finish: salami, culatello, cotechino, mortadella, bresaola have unique and particular connotations given by the feeding of the animals and their life in a supportive environment.

The cattle that produce the milk destined for dairy farming are brought to the alp in the summer, and remain in the mountains for the whole season. The altitude of these pastures is not too high, and therefore allows for a mild and never too cold climate and a very varied vegetation. They produce cheeses with cow, goat and mixed milk.

In the nearby Valtellina, which with its over 850 hectares of vineyards constitutes the largest terraced area in all of Italy, you will find vineyards well-known all over the world for the particularity and value of their wines, and you can have a tasting directly in their cellars!


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