Balcone d'Italia

Balcone d'Italia

Sighignola is an imposing mountain that stands at about 1300 m above sea level, belongs to the mountain range of the Luganese Prealps and delimits the border between Italy and Switzerland. 

The main attraction of this natural giant is the panoramic terrace that is located right on the border line (but included in the Italian territory) which has earned the name of “Balcone d’Italia”. 

This real locus amoenus faces directly on Lugano and offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view that embraces both the city center and the lake of Lugano, all while being surrounded by the naturalistic pre-Alpine environment. 

The beauty and charm of this panoramic terrace have earned it a permanent place among the most beautiful places in Italy according to the FAI (Italian environmental fund). The suggestive terrace seems set among the rocks and is often chosen as a special location for shows, sporting events, congresses and other events.

The Swiss side is decidedly rugged and steep and has a sheer drop of almost 1000 meters that gives directly to Lake Lugano, while the Italian side is sweet and woody. 

Getting there is simple and above all the journey is worthwhile: the picture postcard scene remains in the eyes and in the hearts of tourists.

It's a destination for everyone, for families with children, for a couple looking for romance, for singles eager to relax, for those who like to enjoy the scenery by motorbike and for those who love cycling. 

Balcone d’Italia is located in Lanzo d'Intelvi, can be reached through two roads starting from Gravedona, my advice is to go from the one that runs along the lake to Argegno on the way, and go through the hinterland on the way back, or vice versa, considering also the times in which you want to go, since the road that coasts the Lario is normally busier.

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