Bernina Express

Bernina Express

Bernina Express is a train that covers the route between Tirano, Sankt Moritz and Coira, allowing you to travel on one of the highest railways in the world, and since 2008 a World Heritage Site. This train runs along an itinerary in which you can admire considerable landscapes, which can be appreciated thanks to the special panoramic carriages.

In just over four hours, this train travels a railway section of 145 km in total with a total height difference of 1,824 m and gradients of up to 7%. Starting from Tirano you will be in Sankt Moritk in about two and a half hours, and from here you will arrive in Coira, the capital of the Canton of Graubünden in another two hours.

The entire route is carried out with natural adherence without the use of any rack system. The maximum altitude reached is 2,253 m a.s.l. at the Bernina pass, the minimum is 429 m a.s.l. in Tirano.

During this journey you will cross 196 bridges and 55 tunnels, passing through the Brusio viaduct, certainly one of the most particular architectural structures that you can admire in this itinerary, which with its 70 meters of radius allows the train to rise to the height necessary to reach the Brusio station.

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