Vezio Castle

 Vezio Castle

At the center of Lake Como, on the promontory overlooking Varenna, from more than a thousand years stands the Castello di Vezio, where, in a context of unparalleled natural beauty, history, in perfect harmony with each other, merge together art, nature and culture of the territory. 


One of the peculiarities of this castle is that since some years it has been hosting a center of care and training for birds of prey, which allows visitors to know and appreciate the ancient art of falconry. The training phases are normally held 5/6 times a week, and always weather permitting, in the garden of the Castle so as to give visitors the opportunity to take pictures, see the various models closely and be entertained by the falconer in explanations on the history of falconry, its modern use, the biology and training of birds of prey. 


From the top of the main tower and from the garden you can enjoy a wide view of the lake, particularly evocative in the clearest days. Being overhanging on Varenna it allows in fact to see the Lake of Como in all its splendor. 

The story told by Castello di Vezio 

Coming down from the stairs that starts from the main terrace we reach the basement, which constituted an outpost of the Cadorna defensive line, ready to oppose a possible attempt by Germans coming from the Menaggio area.

  The origins of the castle date back to the late Roman period, legend says that it was Queen Teodolinda who wanted to build the castle, but also other Lombard localities can claim this tradition. The first document that testify the existence of this fortification date back to 1368, it is believed that in the village of Vezio lived servants employed by the castle, but these hypotheses are still to be verified.Inside the manor we find what is probably the northest olive grove in the world, from which is produced great quality olive oil. 


Another peculiarity of Castello di Vezio is the legend of the ghost of Queen Teodolinda, which tells of the ghost that wanders through the corridors of the castle or in the gardens on moonless nights, and the managers evoke history with chalk figures. 

Among the other curiosities stands out the fossil of the Lariosaurus: reptile that inhabited the brackish water areas, about one meter long that belongs to an extinct aquatic category.


Associazione Turistica Castello di Vezio 

Via al castello snc, 23829 Perledo (LC) 



Tel. +39 348 8242504

        +39 333 4485975

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