Which is the most beautiful place on Lake Como

Which is the most beautiful place on Lake Como ?

That corner that you absolutely must visit if you pass by?

Lake Como is famous for its villages rich in particularities of rare beauty, unique and impossible to find elsewhere.

We are talking about Varenna, Bellagio, the City of Como, which are notoriously the most visited and well known even by those who have never been there; places that have earned their fame  inspiring poets, artists and inventors whose names carryes a great weight.

But today I'm here to talk to you about something really special, characteristic and typically Larian but only few people know!

Here, in fact, even on the most beautiful summer days you will not find the large amount of tourists that flock to the most famous villages: you will therefore be able to fully appreciate this place, discovering stories that date back to the Middle Ages here on Lake Como!

We are talking about the hamlet of Corenno Plinio, a fraction of the village of Dervio, which is located on the north-eastern side of the lake.

A few hundred meters outside the town of Dervio we find this small village that tells the story of Lake Como from the Middle Ages.

Here time seems to have stopped: it is practically made up only of ancient stone houses with their arcades, and you cross it along paths and stairways that, passing through these old houses, lead to the shores of the lake.

On the top of the promontory that houses this village we still find the remains of a castle dating back to the fourteenth century. It was used as a fortress and was able to host the population in the unfortunate case of enemy invasions.

Right next to this castle there is also an ancient castle church, inside which there are numerous frescoes restored in the second half of the 1900s.


How to reach Corenno Plinio?

Corenno is located between the towns of Dorio and Dervio, along the road you will find various signs that will lead you directly to your destination.

There are not many parking spaces, so the advice we can give you is to leave your car in one of the free parking lots near the castle. From here you can proceed on foot and enter into the village.

The ticket costs € 3 for adults and € 2 for children under 18 years old, and lasts the whole day.

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