Valchiavenna's Crotti

Valchiavenna's Crotti

Nearby the city of Chiavenna (SO) there are many “crotti”, natural caves crossed a particular current of air, called "sorèl", that maintains their temperature constant around 8 degrees, so they can be used such as cellars to store wines, cured meats and cheeses inside them.

Many of these caves have been transformed into real restaurants offering a menu based on local products cooked in the traditional way, accompanied by the best wines of the nearby Valtellina.

In the first two weeks of September you can attend the "sagra dei crotti ", a tradition that began in the middle of the last century, on the occasion of which many private crotti are also opened and can be visited, tasting locally produced meats and cheeses as well as to wines produced in the surrounding areas.

Ristorante Crotto Ombra

Corso Pratogiano, 14, 23022 Chiavenna SO

+39 0343 290133

Crotto Quartino

Strada comunale dei Quartini, 5
23020 S. Croce di Piuro (SO)

+39 328 9274345

Crotto Ubiali

Corso Pratogiano, 56, 23022 Chiavenna SO

+39 345 601 7912

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