Fuentes Fort

Fuentes Fort

Forte di Fuentes dates back to 1600, and owes its importance to the strategic position in which it is located: it rises on Trivio di Fuentes, which is the meeting point of the two valleys, Valtellina and Val Chiavenna, and Alto Lario.

Although it is now only a ruin, Forte di Fuentes is able to tell us the story that starts from the Spanish domination of 1600 up to the First World War, in which it supported the nearby Fort of Montecchio Nord during the defense activities.

Info: https://www.fortedifuentes.it/

Forte di Fuentes

Via Forte di Fuentes 24,

23823 Colico (LC) 

Tel. +39 0341 940322
Email info@fortedifuentes.it

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