Museum of the end of the war

Museum of the end of the war

If you have a passion for  history and want to experience first-hand one of the most representative places of the fascist era, all you have to do is go for a visit to the Museum of the End of the War in Dongo, located in Palazzo Manzi, right where the arrest of Benito Mussolini was made official.

Dongo is the place where Benito Mussolini and the fascist ministers of the RSI (Italian Social Republic) were captured on 27th April 1945.They were all taken to the Town Hall, in Palazzo Manzi, in order to formalize the arrest. Only a few days before, the Golden Room (the hall of honour of Palazzo Manzi) was arranged as mortuary for the bodies of the partisans slain by the fascist brigades.

The palace was therefore the stage of momentous historic events and is now the evocative and ideal setting for their commemoration in a museum. And thus Dongo’s innovative End of WWII Museum was born: a virtual and interactive journey into the depths of one of the most controversial pages of Italian history.

Through the exposure of original relics, documentary evidence and witness accounts, new archive footage and engaging re-enactments, the exhibition invites the public to step into the stage of history.


Palazzo Manzi, Piazza Paracchini 6, 22014, Dongo (CO) 

Tel  +39 0344 82572


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