Vanini oil production

Vanini Oil Mill

In Lenno we find the Vanini Oil Mill, this family has been producing extra virgin olive oil for six generations, since 1850. The mild climate of Lake Como area makes it perfect for cultivating olive treesin fact here we find the northernmost olive groves of all Europe.

The olive grove owned by the Vanini family is located in the hamlet of Rogaro. Here in October, as soon as the olives are ripe, large nets are stretched between the plants anche the olives are collected very delicately, and immediately taken to the mill where they are cold pressed with latest generation machinery, which together to a raw material of exceptional quality allow to obtain a fresh and fruity oil, known and appreciated all over the world. The oil is then bottled or packaged in the particular three or five liter can that distinguishes it.

In addition to the oil they produce, it is also possible to buy locally produced honey and natural cosmetics based on olive oil at the  Vanini Oil Mill.

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