Orrido di Bellano

Orrido di Bellano

Orrido di Bellano is a deep natural gorge, originated more than 15 million years ago, dug by the Pioverna creek, which flows from Valsassina to Lake Como, which gradually sculpted this inlet, form the narrow and deep gorge that we can admire today.

This gorge owes its name from the poet Sigismondo Boldoni who called it a "horror of a horrible horrendousness". 

History of Orrido di Bellano 

During the glaciations, in Valsassina a lake was formed, whose waters during the following period of thawing fell into the Orrido. It is thought that the passage of these waters originated the canyon eroding the territory.

Initially the waters ended with a high waterfall, descending from a rocky step, which over time has eroded to form today's ravine of the Orrido.

Already from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the waters were used for the processing of iron extracted from the mines of Valsassina, and subsequently also by a cotton mill near the Orrido which opened in 1870. 


Tradition says that here lies the valiant warrior Taino, buried with his treasure, and that the tunnels that branch off towards Bellano were used during the Austrian occupation to avoid the patrols during the curfew. 

At the entrance of the Orrido there is an irregularly shaped tower with some windows to railing and an internal spiral staircase called "Cà del Diavol". The original function of the turret is not known, but as early as 1700 it was used as a fossil museum. Its name is linked to mythological figures, including that of the Satyr, who decorate the front of the last floor, and local traditions and rumors that tells of satanic rituals performed inside.

Info: http://www.turismobellano.it/it/orrido/

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