What to do in a three days holiday on Lake Como?

What to do in a three day holiday on Lake Como?

Day 1: visit Bellagio - Varenna

If you are on the lake even for a few days you absolutely have to visit the most famous and particular villages: Bellagio and Varenna!

Starting from the north-western corner of the lake, the easiest and most comfortable way to get there is to drive to Cadenabbia and leave the car in one of the parkings just nearby the ferry pier.

In this way you can take the ferry on foot and reach both Bellagio and Varenna.

We recommend you to do it this way because it is very difficult to find free parking spaces in Bellagio or Varenna, and taking the boat or hydrofoil you’ll have to do a longer trip with many stops, while by ferry you can get straight to Varenna and Bellagio without any other stop.

Day 2 excursion

On the mountains around the lake you can find many routes that will take you to places from which you can admire breathtaking views, so why not start now thinking about which excursion is the best for you?

You can choose between very simple and short tracks if you want to take it easy, or if you are passionate (and more trained) you can take different excursions that will take you up for the whole day!

The choice is yours, the only thing I can assure you, independently of the length and the difficulty of the route, is that you will say it was worth it!

Here you can find many route ideas for your excursion.


Do you prefer a mountain bike or e-bile ride instead of trekking?

Click here and all discover the tracks!


Day 3 beach and relax

For the past days I have offered you some challenging activities, so now it seems right to think about relaxing a bit.

On hot summer days, what could be better than a day on the beach, including a swim in the lake, a cocktail and sunbathing?

If, on the other hand, you are thinking of coming to the lake in a cooler period, it could be an excellent idea to spend the day at the thermal baths of Bormio or in a spa!

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