Where to go on holiday on Lake Como

Where to go on holiday on Lake Como? 

Where should you stay to enjoy every day to the fullest?

Lake Como and its surroundings are full of particular corners, each different from the others and which deserve to be visited during your stay.

The area is not so big, you will not have to travel hundreds of kilometers to move from a place to another one but you just need to drive or take public transport for a few minutes, an hour at most to go from Como or Lecco to the highest part of the lake.

The major points of interest about the most known villages and villas to visit are located in the center of the lake: Bellagio, Varenna, Tremezzo the most famous villas with their botanical gardens are concentrated in this part of the lake.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to dedicate your holiday to relax or sports activities, the northern part of the lake is the best for you: in fact, here the valley is much wider and allows you to have the right wind for all water sports activities such as sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

On the surrounding mountains there are many hiking trails and roads that you can run with your mountain bike or e-bike, as well as cycle paths that extending for over 100km to the north will take you to the heart of Valtellina.

Furthermore, this part of the lake is not as frequented by mass tourism as the central and southern part of the lake, which remains very close to the main cities of Como and Lecco.

Here at north even the most popular beaches such as the ones in Dongo, Domaso or Sorico are never crowded, so you can relax and sunbathe without being disturbed even in July and August!

By staying in the upper part of the lake you would also avoid the traffic and crowding typical of the southernmost part, that are more "famous" and frequented by tourists, while still being very close to all points of interest, reachable in a few minutes by car or by public transport, both by road and by the lake!

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